Donnerstag, 22. Juli 2010

Testimony from Denmark

Healed of Migraines
When I moved to New Korsør, there were many impressions and situations that I had to handle. The family routine was the new, we had to adapt to the new environment and the new circumstances.
But one thing had not changed: the migraine, which I suffered for 20 years, accompanied me on.
Many days I was behind closed curtains and suffered from aggressive pain and nausea. I was in the hospital, took many medications, a visit to the chiropractor, a physiotherapist and masseur. I even went to a psychologist in the hope that I was saved from my ongoing monthly pain which was hell.
My family and I often visited the Pentecostal church. In worship, in prayer and during the sermon in church, I felt close to Jesus, very close.
Eigil told us from Apostle Rudolf Ryser who attended the church and I thought that this man could help this man in the name of Jesus.
That evening, Rudolf Ryser gave us his testimony. He told of his difficult path of faith and of his blessed work in which he can help people to faith and healing.
As he bore witness, I felt a great warmth and joy. I saw Jesus in His divinity in front of me. He stretched out his arms and looked at me with kind eyes. It made me cry. It was like a promise that He will take my load from me and take care of me.
As Rudolf invited people to come up front for prayer and healing, I did not want to go at first, but Eigil urged me gently to the front. Rudolf prayed for me and put a finger on my neck, and his translator put her hand on my belly. Rudolf asked me if I feel a warmth somewhere, and yes, my whole body felt warm.
After Rudolf came down to my family, and blessed my 7-year-old daughter and also prayed for my husband and blessed the whole family.
Together with Rudolf we thanked the Lord because He has touched me by His grace. Now I thank the Lord that He has sent to Korsør Rudolf, and that Jesus has healed me.
Since two months I have no more signs of migraines. Sometimes I have a slight headache, but I'm not sick.
I praise the Lord for healing me from the crippling disease. Now I go on with my plans for life without always remembering that some days must be written off.
I praise the Lord Jesus Christ for giving me courage and that my zest for life returned.
I pray that Apostle Rudolf keeps his faith and his loving strength and that many people around the world can be cured through his intercession.

Conny Hoist, Denmark

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