Donnerstag, 22. Juli 2010

Testimony from Italy

My wife Rita and I moved to Italy in order to open a bed and breakfast (B&B). I only wish that I could say that it was as easy as it sounds in the paragraph above. It was not. Without going into all the details I had been through a stressful time with selling the house in “the crisis” finishing my job with a Italian bank where I was working, of course the Lord opened the door and everything was wonderful but this stressful time had taken its toll on me and when we arrived to Italy, then the work began! Residency, setting up a B&B, learning a new language, living a new country, listening to preaching in another language and much more. It was all wonderful right? No it was one shock after another and the enemy was taking full advantage of it. I was soon in a very dark place and struggling to get free.
During the conference the Pastors that attended had a wonderful time, the presence of the Lord was there and every person was a pleasure to be with, but I was not a pastor and I was working to serve them with food and drinks along with my wife Rita, after all I am the owner of the B&B. Inside I was crying out desperately to the Lord Jesus to help me. Along with the tiredness of what we were doing the enemy was taking full advantage. I thought to myself “all these pastors here but there was not one that knew what was going on inside?” I continued to call out to Jesus.
Little did I know that there was someone called Dr Rudolf Ryser that was coming to CFE from Switzerland, and later I was to find out he was not even supposed to be coming.
He arrived the 27th and we met for the first time. I did not know anything about him I thought that he was a very jolly chap. I noticed that after that he seemed to stick to me like glue. Wherever I went in the car he wanted to come, I thought that is fine, I like him. I am easy going anyway.
I soon realised that this man had faith! He would tell us of all these stories of how many miracles had happened in his ministry and obviously loved to tell them. I realised that this guy had more inside than met the eye.
One night it was the 29th of May just before midnight we were in the car together coming back from dropping off one of the pastors at one of the 2 other B&B’s we used. I opened up my heart to Dr Rudolf and he helped me. He prayed for me and helped me to see why us was under all this spiritual pressure. I received a measure of freedom and I was thrilled. The Lord Jesus had started to help me.
Dr Rudolf told me later that the moment he came in to our B&B the Lord Jesus said to him: “Get close to Rita and get Gerry set free and delivered.” Now I understand why he stuck to me like glue!
One morning after breakfast, this was after the conference had officially finished I came under a heavy oppression, and I felt in a state. I went to the garage room and told Rita and she said the same thing that Dr Rudolf had said the night before that I need to confess the word of God and it will help free me. I thought enough is enough. I began to confess the word of God out loud and in faith. I was taking every scripture I could think of that was contrary to what was happening to me. Then something marvellous happened. It lifted! And I tell you; it was supernatural what had happened. Rita also said she saw that my eyes cleared and face returned to normal.


Gerry Evans, Pescara, Italy

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