Donnerstag, 22. Juli 2010


“Do you want to get rid of this burden?” they asked knowingly.
In a faltering voice choked with emotion I said “Yes...”
I surrendered to their genuine love and concern for me - Me, a total stranger who had rudely ignored them for over an hour!
“Pray to God and ask Him to take away your troubles - now”.
Again I was moved to obey their urging.
Obediently I said: “God - please take away my burden”.
In a wave of release and emotion I imploded in a flood of tears.
I began to radiate so much heat that I had to loosen my tie and ventilate my shirt which was now soaking wet. How blessed I was! Praise be to God

M.M. from South Africa

A strange nerve pain in the left half of my face plagued me. They told me it was from the neck. I have immediately experienced relief. The rest of the pain disappeared completely in subsequent days. Thank God. I want to thank you and your wife for the healing ministry.

J. G. from Landau, Germany

I was suffering 20 years from migrains. Many days I was behind closed curtains and suffered from aggressive pain and nausea. I was in the hospital, took many medications, a visit to the chiropractor, a physiotherapist and masseur. I even went to a psychologist in the hope that I was saved from my ongoing monthly pain which was hell.

As Apostle Rudolf Ryser attended my church I thought that this man could help this man in the name of Jesus.

Rudolf prayed for me and put a finger on my neck, and his translator put her hand on my belly. Rudolf asked me if I feel warmth somewhere, and yes, my whole body felt warm.

Since two months I have no more signs of migraines. Sometimes I have a slight headache, but I'm not sick.

C. H. from Denmark

I was very sick with a virus. This attack came so quickly that I had to be brought to the emergency hospital. This infection made me incapable to swallow, to eat, to drink and to talk.
In the evening Apostle Rudolf and his wife came to pray for me and I knew I received my healing that very day.
I was able to leave the hospital 2 days later. Praise the Lord.

T.H. from Switzerland

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