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Testimony from USA

Testimonies of inmates in the
Portsmouth City Jail Work Center, Portsmouth, Virginia, USA

On the Sundays of September 5 and 12 we had as a guest at our weekly church services, Dr. Rudolf Ryser, a minister all the way from Switzerland. Our Chaplain had invited him to come here while he was in America. We enjoyed Dr. Ryser’s teaching and all agreed that he is an anointed man of God.
At the end of the service on September 5 Dr. Ryser asked was there anyone in pain or sick. He offered to pray for us individually.
Here two testimonies of inmates:

Carl Stokes
For two years I’ve been having pain in my neck the majority of days. Sometimes it has been so bad I would have to hold my head to the side and people would ask me, “Why have you got your head tilted to the side?” It wasn’t from sleeping on it because it went on and on month after month. When Dr. Ryser prayed for my neck I was completely and instantly healed! Now it is one month later and I am still completely well. I have no problem moving it around and no pain. Praise the LORD! I am so glad that our Chaplain invited Dr. Ryser to come here. It has been a big blessing having him!

Michael Blount
In 2003 I had reconstructive surgery on my right knee. While it was not in pain everyday, most days I had pain from it. It was hindering me. My left knee had torn ligaments and was always in pain. Dr. Ryser prayed for my knees and all of the pain went away. I could stoop down bending my knees with no problem.
It has been now one month since he prayed for my knees and I still am healed.
I now have no problem with my knees. I am glad that our Chaplain invited Dr. Ryser.
I thank God for my healing.

NOTE: Carl Stokes got out of jail three days after giving this testimony and Michael Blount was released one week after this testimony. They have done well progressing in their spiritual walk with Jesus while in jail. Pray for a smooth transition back to civilian life again for them and encouragement in the LORD.

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